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Ever wished you were disciplined enough to read and learn every day?



If your answer is YES, then The Sunrise Book Club is perfect for you!



The purpose of this community is to help those who want to build the habit of waking up early AND reading, every morning – consistently.


This is NOT a typical Book Club

We do not give you a “book-of-the-month” to read along together as a group. The book you choose to read, is your own choice (as long as it fits into the category of Non-Fiction and is educational).

We are an existing community, using Whatsapp groups with no more than 7 members per group and we have created a supportive structure and set of rules that help ensure we achieve our goals.


Sunrise Book Club Structures:


    • Sending a 1-minute video “book takeaway” with a review of our key lessons that we learned from the book we’re reading, every morning before 9am. (We love waking up to 7 different video reviews, packed with lessons from each member’s valuable contribution. So as well as learning from your own book, in less than 10 minutes extra you also learn what everyone else has contributed from their morning read. Isn’t that amazing?)


    • Public and financial commitments (no one likes to fail in public and no one likes to pay £10 fines for sleeping in, and that’s exactly why we have these rules in place to hold you super-accountable to your commitments).


  • A community and mastermind of like-minded people to discuss problems you’re facing, gaining expert advice, solutions and best friends.

Let our members tell you, in their own words:

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Never fear! Audible is here! There are other great resources you can use to creating a daily reading habit, whether it be reading physical books, reading digital books e.g. Using a Kindle, audiobooks or other audio reading platforms including audible and podcasts. The point of the book club is to create a daily habit to do something productive in the morning by learning something new

This is one of the key parts of the Sunrise Book Club - it's called "Sunrise" because we want it to be a way to start your morning with a great learning habit. You can get your reading and reflection done anytime in the morning, and it's encouraged to be earlier! But you must get the reflection submitted by 9am no matter what, otherwise we wiil have to hold you accountable

No! It's completely up to you how much you want to engage in the group - you can be there simply to post your video and carry on with your day, but we do absolutely encourage you to take some time to watch others' videos every so often, as these 1 minute book reflections could give you fantastic insights that you wouldn't have otherwise considered, or even give you an idea or focus for your day. We also recommend engaging with the community as we're also here to support each other and there are no stupid questions!

We suggest about about 30 minutes of reading each morning, as this is a good amount of time to really take in some value from your book. Also, you'll need a few minutes extra to submit the book reflection video as well as a 1-2 line summary.

Whilst we suggest 30 minutes of reading we understand that sometimes that's just not feasible, but you must read a minimum of 15 mins before submitting your reflection

The Sunrise Book Club is a group for people who are serious about creating a daily learning habit. We understand that the majority of people live in the work week structure, where the weekend is time to relax, however this is why we set the time to 9am instead of 7am, because we want to excel above the majority and do something productive with our mornings. Therefore 9am is late enough to make sure you're awake and ready for your day.

We understand that this is not for everyone, however the Sunrise Book Club is a 7-day-a-week programme only

It costs £19.99 per month to join Sunrise Book Club, which gives you access to the accountability group, daily videos from each member, along with access to our entire library of videos from every user, organised by book.

Additionally there is a £10 charge for each time you submit a reflection late after 9am or miss a day.

What would be the benefits to you of a consistent morning reading habit?